New Moon Spread

New Moon in Capricorn: Stormy Start

We entered 2021 with the hope that the year brings things that we manifests for ourselves. Our personal growth became an important theme, as the previous year challenge everything that seem as an ideal.

This is the first New Moon of 2021, the New Moon is in Capricorn, and so is the Sun and Venus. Looking inward, the Saturn ruled sign want matters to happen according to their way. It seems forceful and punishing, when no one knows what they really want.

I pulled a tarot card for this New Moon and another oracle card – the Sacred Self Care as a reminder of what we should focus on during this discipline transit.

From the Golden Girls tarot deck, Sophia with her binoculars is looking far into an island where there are resources. With the New Moon, work to understand what you truly wants. Your desire, your dreams, and put them in a vision board, draw them, or make some collages. Spend some time to work with your eyes and your fingers, and put those visualization really close to you, where you can see them everyday. This is a long journey and work for yourself, considering that most of us who lived in Malaysia is going to be under the state of emergency until August.

The question is what are the steps that we can take to get closer to the island (dreams/abundance/goals)? The binocular is just a tool to realign and remind us how close it is. We can always take a few steps more advanced that we have planned for ourselves.

While not forgetting to hydrate. That’s when the self-care comes in. Capricorn are always prepared with water source to keep them hydrated, they are the Seagoat. Capricorn understands that water is the fuel to keep the flow and energy going in and out of their body.

Don’t forget to drink water. They keep your system going. Keep a bottle of water close to you, that would remind you how much have you drink today.

The New Moon is always a new beginning, in Capricorn we accelerate and go further than we could imagine.

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Prisma Visions

Divine Functions

I’ve been spending some downtime to reconsider my beliefs and practices in the past, that gets me doing more work then before. I’ve been learning a lot about things that doesn’t make sense, and things that I wish I’ve known sooner.

That includes releasing what limits my beliefs. Often times, we were told that we couldn’t do anything because we are born without extra privileges that others have. We constantly doubt our worthiness, our values and our role in the community. We are restricted to perform our best functions, but the thing is: how do we know what are our functions when we’re not allowed to perform them in the first place?

We anarchists do not want to emancipate the people; we want the people to emancipate themselves.’ – Errico Malatesta

What sounds like liberation at the moment is something so heavy to discuss because we been working on collective healing and work. While we want to liberate an entire community, we should focus on asking ourselves, are we truly liberated individually? Have we achieved our own happiness, fight our own demons, fix what is broken in us, and went to the root of the problem that lies within ourselves?

If we keep on worrying about external world and didn’t want to acknowledge what we are feeling internally, and work on self-healing, we wouldn’t able to ascend to higher and deeper phase of our life. It’s not just about knowing what is wrong with our self, but it shapes the way we see and plan actions and perform functions in this world.

Look deep within to reflect. The door will open for liberation.


Tarotscope for Libra Season 2020

This tarotscope applies on Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus. As Sun enters Libra later today, there will be a lot of focus on sense of usefulness, friendship, worthiness and making space for care and trust.
Libra Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
There’s a lot of manifesting and balancing going on so far for you, Libra! You’ve been dreaming about a lot of things, but you weren’t provided enough options. Show up more for yourself, and try not to project your fear of failing on others. You have to do more inner work to maintain what is already yours, do not feel insecure about losing it. What belongs to you is already set in stone.
Scorpio Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
You want people to know that you are on top of your game. You have been working hard for this recognition, so it is time for you to celebrate. Avoid gloating and overconfidence, it is nice to be grounded and keep words to yourself. You are catching up with rest and work at the same time. Don’t ignore the need to sleep and stop when it is time to do so.
Sagittarius Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
There is an opportunity to reconcile with a loved one which were close to you previously. You might lose hope in understanding what they are feeling about you. You have learned to toughen up your emotions. Without you noticing it, it starts to take over your life. Time to restore what is lost and build bridges again.
Capricorn Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
You have ignored a lot of signs coming from your body and your soul that it is tired and broken. As much as you try to put a strong front, sometimes you need to open up and start reflecting the way you’re treating others. Do not doubt about people wanting to help you. They will show up for you. People will shower you with care and love more than you expected they will give you. Time to enjoy your blessings.
Aquarius Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
Proceed this period with a lot of caution. There is underlying intention coming towards you, where you are vulnerable to attacks and heartbreak. You need to deal with your inner demon and build new walls, but it is only fair to do this when you have the strength to do so. Regardless, your path is guided and protected. Take care of your emotions and how you responds to things.
Pisces Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
Your health is what you should prioritize now. It is an important step of caring for yourself. If you have been feeling ill, that is a call to get some rest and really know what’s happening in your body. Only with that, you could find more strength to work and hustle for your own good. One the other hand, deconstruct the idea of productivity for you to make space for rest.
Aries Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
You are impatient about the results of your work. Perhaps you feel like you’re chasing things around so that you could make time for things that you need and you want. But what you are running in circles and being counter-productive because of the fear of not accomplishing enough. Give yourself a break.
Taurus Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
If you’re dealing with trust issues at the moment, reconsider your relationships with people that makes you feel icky or in doubt. Most of the time, it’s their words and actions that signals red flag. You’re learning boundaries in good direction, and you’re slowly building walls against things that are hurting you. Your emotions are at the right places.
Gemini Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
You are making important decisions in your life. Whether to take that leap of faith or waiting for the divine timing, you are worrying about future a lot, rather than living in the moment. You focus so much in predicting and planning what future that you want, but only time and Universe can tell that journeys has detours to teach you some mini lessons.
Cancer Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
Be careful on some foul play on your back. You are open and vulnerable to betrayal because you have been busy focusing on yourself. This is a trying time because you wanted to stay in balance with your surroundings, but you will be constantly challenged. Make sure to watch out for your words or who you are dealing with.
Leo Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
Go big or go home. That’s all that you have been thinking about for sometime now. You are putting risks into relationships that you once cared about, but this time, you have to do the right thing. Either way, you are thinking a lot and doing lesser work to execute your dreams. Time to shoot your plans and reboot when it doesn’t happen your way.
Virgo Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus

You are dealing with major health concern at the moment. You know that without rest and care about your physical health, you won’t be able to function as much as you aspire to do. Make sure you don’t miss any appointment or health check up. You can only seek for what you intend to seek when you treat your body and your soul fairly. You been neglecting all these signs because you put yourself as the last priorities. Don’t do that.

Prisma Visions

Connect With Your Deck Challenge #1: Creativity is Revolutionary

I haven’t been writing about tarot for a while after Scorpio full moon, I think. I’ve been focusing a lot on surface interpretation and paid readings, and I am still on the roll for bookings! Head to my booking page if you would like to get one from me 🙂

 I am joining Connect with Your Deck Challenge that I found on Instagram today, and I feel like it’s a good time to make a routine to write about tarot and what I felt deeply about it, and this time, it’s about nurturing creativity. What I love to do before I start a reading is to lit up a red candle for the root chakra, keeps me grounded before I start pulling cards, burn a bark of cinnamon and put on a good lo-fi music in the background. That’s basically prepping me before I deal my cards and ask them questions!

So for this one: Do I believe I am creative, why or why not?

I chose the Prisma Vision deck for this one. This deck works specifically for my Self-Discovery readings. It has deep shadow work experience, and answer to darkest question that I ever posed. And then, Temperance jumped out from the shuffle. 

Temperance is a Sagittarius card. My Sun is in Sagittarius and it is in my second house, related to our personal finances, material possessions, and the concept of value. It is interesting to look the imagery of this Temperance. With two chalices continuously filling each other, I am seeing that my money comes and leave as soon as it is received. It can be reckless spending and in continuous flow, but I would like to believe in abundance is everywhere.

When it comes to creativity and the question posed above, Temperance is a YES card. It tells me that I am creative with my expenditure, and I used my creative gifts and abilities to fund and sustain my living. I am very thankful to be blessed my creative abilities and a lot of my friends have enjoyed my arts offerings. 

What I think perhaps the main struggle sometimes when I feel like I am not creative is trying not to capitalize on my gifts. I have doubted pricing of my tarot services, the arts that I produced might not be as good as I think it should be. I have gone through revisions so many times before I produced something, but Temperance is telling to go with the flow. 

Going with the flow. Not everything is under our control. Not everything that we can make under this roof, even if it is possible. We could always plan for things to happen but if it’s not meant to be, it will not happen for us. It is happening now, with us, in parallel timeline, but believe that it can happen as we go along. Go with the flow. 

That’s for Temperance card! Let me know how you interpret Temperance card 🙂 

The Fountain Tarot

What is There to Let Go? // Scorpio Full Moon

Memories. The kind that flashes in front of your eyes for no apparent reason. Or there is a trigger. Must be a trigger in color, smell, food, drinks. Even the music that you listen to.

The worst things about memories is it happened in past tense, means… it happened. Things happened. The kind of things that you wish didn’t happen. And there’s nothing about that, that you can do anymore. There is no going back in time.

Revisiting those memories in unexpected ways, caught us unprepared. Some are the things that changed our life forever. Our sense of self is violated, taken away, never to be talk about again.

But that day, a part of us left in that piece of memory. It left in that exact time, exact day, exact year. Exact moment. You know why that exact moment happened and you will do everything to re-do that again. But such is decision. It’s made and it’s done.

That rotting part of you held grudges to the world. You’d blame yourself. In order to make yourself feel better, you blame something or someone else. God, parents, siblings, teachers, partner… even pets. And that’s okay. It’s not your fault things didn’t happen your way. How could you imagine this happening?

I’m sitting on my altar on the night of Full Moon in Scorpio. There is a burst of emotions, just running wild and letting loose under the beaming Super Flower Moon. And messages keep repeating, let go, let go.

What is there to let go?



I surrendered everything to the Universe. But not my memories. Painful ones. Happy ones. Especially happy ones. I want to keep living those moment because it makes me feel happy. But I am not living in the CURRENT moment. And I’m not being fair to myself because happiness doesn’t last.

There are days sadness will visit you. Accompanied by hopelessness and loneliness. And you prefer sitting alone in silence.

That’s okay.

So I wrote a letter to the moon.

And I wrote a long one; on memories that I hold on to so dearly, that I don’t want to let go. The memories that hurts me badly, that I can’t let go. Because they happened to me, for me. And taught me important lessons in the school of Universe. But now it’s time to send it back to the Universe. These memories should go on now.

I put the piece of paper in a tin and buried it with stalks of cat mint under the Full Moon.

The whole night it burned.

As the memories become ashes, I’m letting go of it.


May Offerings

I figured that it’s almost 2 months where we put ourselves behind the fence, stay away from each other, try not to touch our face or share our spaces.

I figured that this could be a lonely time for many of us, especially when it’s your birthday. So here’s my offering for people who are born in May:

I’m offering free tarot reading (Custom 3 Card Query) for you to ask a question you’re really curious about. I’m wondering if this reading could make you feel a little better than before. Send me an email at minitarotzinebyerin [at] gmail [dot] com with your birth date, write a little bit about you and your query.

I’ll wait for you in my inbox.

The Fountain Tarot

Tarot Makeover Day 4: Tell the Story in the Cards

When Biddy said sometime we all become lost in our interpretation because we are so used to do readings, I know this hits close to home. Tarot reading was healing, but also generates income for me. I am happy to be paid, to heal and explore the visualization of manifestation in the form of illustration.

For the challenge of Day 4, I chose to work with The Fountain Tarot. This deck never really sat there for me as a story line, and I challenged myself to look into this deck with different perspectives today. So here it be.

I asked the question: Where do my inspiration (for creativity) comes from?

My three cards are: King of Wands, Ten of Wands, and Queen of Swords.

When I saw these card, immediately what I think is my astrological sign, and here it goes:

Often associated with the astrological sign of Sagittarius, the King of Wands signifies wise, open, positive, adventurous masculine energy. As with all court cards, the King can indicate a literal person in your life; most often a man with hair on the lighter end of the spectrum. When the King appears, you are likely to have an abundance of energy which you are inclined to use in a positive direction.

As a Sagittarius sun person, I always feel like my flow of creativity is tremendously a lot. I can have new ideas everyday, and work on many projects at the same time. I think inspiration comes in many way for me, and definitely this masculine energy comes from my ancestor power. Though I think my closest ancestor is a Capricorn, something told me that he was in the middle of it, and this energy kind of latch to me when he passed away. This brought me to tears, to be cared of in such a way.

When Ten of Wands jumped out, it was really hard for it to come out of the deck. It seems troublesome, challenging, and heavy. I think my deck are quite light when I first started shuffling, and it just got a little bit heavier. Ten of Wands want me to understand that these continuous energy and creativity flow takes toll on me. I admit that I have been neglecting my mental health for sometime now, and I treat my manic situation as the time for me to work harder. This wasn’t what I dream of being creatives, and it is telling me so.

Then lastly Queen of Swords appeared. At times, the Swords cards, representing Air element, it justifies my Libra moon and to be ruled by Venus. A lot of my work revolves around things that I love, and no matter how much I love-hate them, I need to draw boundaries on it now. Most of these are related to relationships in my own community, where I made definite decisions to cut cords with what doesn’t serve me good anymore.

So here it is for Day 4: I am feeling that I’m closer to my deck than I was before. I can’t really find ways to talk to them like they are listening and doing their best to advice me everyday. This felt heavy and reflective of my daily life, and I’m taking it easier on myself these days. These readings will flow by itself, by their own means. I believe so.

Mystic Monday

Tarot Makeover Day 3: Ask Powerful Questions

I think this really give me the chills so far. I don’t quite understand how we frame questions in our head sometimes, and I took questions very lightly. I don’t think thoroughly, safe to say I am very simple minded. But thinking *powerful questions* make me raise my eyebrows.

So I brainstormed five powerful questions for myself:

  • How do I pursue my creativity in my limited time?
  • What type of rest that I should acquire?
  • Where do my inspiration come from?
  • How do I balance between paid work and passion?
  • How do I improve my collaborative effort with others?

I chose the question: How do I balance between paid work and passion?

The card that answers: Knight of Pentacles.


I am genuinely excited when the Pentacles court card appeared whenever it is a question related to abundance because first, it felt like the answer is already “You are at balance.” With Knight of Pentacles, I am assured that this will meet in between, where I am going to be paid to work on my passion. I am grateful for the source of abundance that I already have, but I am seeking for the true love in the abundance. Where I will truly love what I do. And Knight of Pentacles arrived to tell me that it is coming for me.

Incremental progress is satisfactory since you know that this is proof that your strategy is working. There is no stopping the Knight of Pentacles—he knows what he wants and will not stop in getting it! Stay true to your noble vision and you will eventually see the results.

What was your experience and what do you discover?
What was amazing is that the card jumped out immediately and I smiled when it opens up. I feel like the person in the card, a masculine figure, is talking to be, to be patient and to deliver his news carefully. This was quite an occurrence, but I’ve never really listen carefully to this specific card. It feels like we couldn’t connect. But this time, it felt amazing.

Moving on to Day 4!

Prisma Visions Work Your Light

Tarot Makeover Day 2: Create The Sacred Space

How do you want to start your tarot readings? What will you do to create sacred space?

With this setting near my window, I usually take a deep breath and frame my theme of questions that I want to ask about. This will allow my reading to flow and I won’t be confused with what I’m supposed to listen to. I light my favourite candle, usually blue or yellow ones, or depends on my mood of the day!


Now, do a Tarot reading and set up your sacred space. What did you do and how did it change your reading?


I chose to work with Work Your Light and Prisma Vision today. I asked for a spread during uncertain times, and it felt so heavy yet affirming at the same time. I’ve never felt very touched by Work Your Light as much I am feeling today, and a lot of it have to do with choosing a path.

It has been a confusing time for most of us, and as I geared myself to lead an independent collective, I have found that one passion that I wanted to work with. But as a community organizer, this year just started and we are hit with global pandemic outbreak. I have been doing my best to stay present and offer help for those who needed it, but my mental health been limiting me from doing a lot of thing. I think I really poured this feeling out recently and I don’t want to hide from the world that I have my limitations. I am limiting myself from taking a break and re-defining what work do I need to prioritize. 

So I’ve seen this reading taking up a lot of work to really tell me that I can still work my passion and see who are the people that really worth working with. Because in my field, there’s a lot of performative activism and branding going on, and people hating each other because of different values. It was a good decision to leave the space that sucks up too much of your energy. 

Can’t wait for Day 3! 


Everyday Tarot

Tarot Makeover Day 1: Who am I as a Tarot Reader?

I am taking part in 5 Day Tarot Challenge with Biddy Tarot, and I’m going to write about my experience and my makeover in this blog. I have been doing tarot for 1 year now and I am trying to acquire more skills and deep understanding of my practices. So here it goes for Day 1.


What do you really well when reading Tarot? Or, if you haven’t read Tarot before, what are your natural gift and abilities?

I think of tarot as a tool for me to illustrates what deeply connects me and the person that I am reading for. It seems like visual learning and teaching has always been my thing. When I got my very first deck and I interviewed it, the first card that literally jumped out was The Hierophant. I couldn’t forget what it feels like to referred as the self-taught teacher. From this, I am affirmed that I find self-learning as my natural gift and abilities, I have been blessed with different skill sets than I have before. It is only natural for me to have hunger and thirst for knowledge.

And this has been a way for me to pave the way of connecting with my querents. Reading for them is at the same time providing them alternatives and choices, without ignoring their voice. And one of the main rule that I set is not to hide the truth from them. This is so important because a lot of readers hold back from spilling the ugly truth, and it depends on what is the dynamic of the relationship that they have with their readers.

Think about the best tarot reading you’ve ever done (or received). What were you doing and who were you being, that made it so good?

I think space play a very important role for me. Mentally and physically. I perform better in my space and after a grounding meditation and inter loop between singing bowl and silence, I enjoyed that the most. It almost felt like my brain is clearing all the memories I have of other readings that I made, and the cards just flow naturally. It also allows me to hold more power in the space and decide what kind of tone that I’m providing. This is also important because the querent were responsive and curious about what each card meant and what it will bring to them. A proactive querent will give me a good setting moods, because energy is infectious, you know. It transfers from one to another.

Who are you as a Tarot reader?

I think of myself as a medium worker, trying to pick out what is at the bottom of my querent’s heart and brain and made them reconsider their choice. Of all means, I am giving them alternatives and choices that they never thought of before, and somehow make them see the other side of the coin.



Justice: A person wearing a crown on their head and a drape on their neck. Their right hand is holding a sword, upright and their left hand is holding down a balance. Justice card is associated with the sign, Libra.

At its core, Justice is about the search for truth. As you explore your truth, you will discover that things are not as clear-cut as you had thought. Be prepared to dip into the murky waters and explore what truth means to you. Be consciously aware of what you believe to be true and what you believe to be fair and ethical. It may not be as clear-cut as you think, so prepare to challenge yourself and to explore new territories of your belief system.

If you are a querent seeking for the truth and nothing but the truth, you can email me at minitarotzinebyerin [at] gmail [dot] com for a reading.