New Moon Spread

New Moon in Capricorn: Stormy Start

We entered 2021 with the hope that the year brings things that we manifests for ourselves. Our personal growth became an important theme, as the previous year challenge everything that seem as an ideal.

This is the first New Moon of 2021, the New Moon is in Capricorn, and so is the Sun and Venus. Looking inward, the Saturn ruled sign want matters to happen according to their way. It seems forceful and punishing, when no one knows what they really want.

I pulled a tarot card for this New Moon and another oracle card – the Sacred Self Care as a reminder of what we should focus on during this discipline transit.

From the Golden Girls tarot deck, Sophia with her binoculars is looking far into an island where there are resources. With the New Moon, work to understand what you truly wants. Your desire, your dreams, and put them in a vision board, draw them, or make some collages. Spend some time to work with your eyes and your fingers, and put those visualization really close to you, where you can see them everyday. This is a long journey and work for yourself, considering that most of us who lived in Malaysia is going to be under the state of emergency until August.

The question is what are the steps that we can take to get closer to the island (dreams/abundance/goals)? The binocular is just a tool to realign and remind us how close it is. We can always take a few steps more advanced that we have planned for ourselves.

While not forgetting to hydrate. That’s when the self-care comes in. Capricorn are always prepared with water source to keep them hydrated, they are the Seagoat. Capricorn understands that water is the fuel to keep the flow and energy going in and out of their body.

Don’t forget to drink water. They keep your system going. Keep a bottle of water close to you, that would remind you how much have you drink today.

The New Moon is always a new beginning, in Capricorn we accelerate and go further than we could imagine.

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New Moon Spread Prisma Visions

New Moon in Aquarius: The Test of Power

A lot of us doesn’t talk about power dynamics much. When it comes to activists *sacred* spaces, it is almost impossible to address this, especially when there are lack of check and balance. This New Moon in Aquarius, I celebrate the richness of power that is given to me, by inheritance, by the Universe, by the collectives.


When this deck arrived to me this morning, it gives me a hint of dark and overwhelming power coming with it. It serves as a reminder of what truly matters: re-delegating powers to people around me. And The Chariot reminded me that I was born powerful, no matter how powerless I was when I grew up.

Born under the Sagittarius sun and Libra moon, my personality has a build up conflict: to be honest or to avoid fights. When Five of Swords arrived at this reading, I knew that I am permitted to speak my truth wherever I feel I should. I know there are more than just truth to be talked about, a lot of kickbacks will also come together to solve this. But I am ready to beat this airy Aquarius.

Empowerment can be challenging. Empowerment doesn’t arrive at your door. Empowerment need to be learned. But empowerment has come for me in the form of collective: Three of Chalices. I know, Universe. All that I need is my collective to empower me.

The Moon reminds me and us that there are more than just what we put at the outside, when it comes to talent. The Moon is me yearning to go for another journey. And I have yet to surrender.

Page of Chalices want me to pour a cup of talent, ability and capability to people around me. Page of Chalices reminds me that I cannot pour from an empty cup. I need to enrich my talent, in order to serve my community. And I shall have that.

The Emperor. Sigh. My personal freedom has a lot to do with patriarchal shackles that kept me from doing a lot of thing. I know when The Emperor arrives, I need to remind myself that this power will continue to be here if I let them.

New Moon in Aquarius, I welcome you and the promise of releasing and reclaiming my power.

Mystic Monday New Moon Spread

New Moon in Capricorn: Dreaming of My Dreams

I took a deep breath as we enter the New Moon in eclipse, and I’ve been in a lot of pain lately. I’m not sure what the pain is all about, and how my physical ability is constantly being affected by it. All I remember is sleeping a lot and agreeing to a lot of rest and care I did for myself. But I took in a lot of energy from people around me, from the reading I’ve been offering to people, and their spirit sort of… latch into me? Whatever it is, I’m learning to let go.

I picked up my deck for New Moon in Capricorn, to do spread by Biddy Tarot.

What can I do to live in integrity?

Hello there, Eight of Swords! I think I foresee this coming to us a long way.

“Needing permission from some- one else other than yourself is giving away your power. Take back what is yours! The only permission you need is from yourself. “

Limitation is, like, come on. I’m not here for this. I was going through a fiery Sagittarius season, and Capricorn will not let me breathe. I am ready to pick up a lot from this season, and I’m not worried about limitation. I’m wary of self-expression and acquiring recognition, because that’s what Capricorns are living for.


How can I incorporate healthy solitude into my routines?

Pentacles are the Earth signs card, and I’m excited when it appeared.

Incremental progress is satisfactory since you know that this is proof that your strategy is working. There is no stopping the Knight of Pentacles—he knows what he wants and will not stop in getting it!

I think we all took quiet times and alone times for granted and Earth sign seasons are usually the time of the year when everything is very quiet and magically slow. But they are cunning times. Those who work in silence usually strive the best and their wins? Wild. I’m ready for a wild Capricorn ride!

What blessings will I receive when I approve of myself?

Oh, wow. Wheel of Fortune.

Everything happens for a reason, so have faith that these changes are happening for your highest good. Life is full of cycles, and it’s impossible to have the good times without the bad times.

Just as I am ready for a shift, for a major change, for I don’t know what’s forthcoming in the month, I am ready to go through this change. I’m adapting to it. I am IT.


How is my reputation serving me?

A long-term goal has been reached, and you can now sit back and relax. All of the pieces have come together, and you have finally found your place in the world. Celebrate— this is a huge win!

The World find itself in my deck to tell me that we all have come to a long road in this year. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the end of the year. I’m feeling it. I’m feeling the holiday vibe. But I am also wanting to do a little bit more, this month. Can my fire energy shut down already? I don’t know!


How will my actions benefit from self-control?

The say Nine of Cups is the wish card in the deck, symbolizes dreaming coming true for me. Pretty sure January is a long month to go, and the Capricorn season promises abundance. I am taking this advice for myself.

Your heart’s desires have been attended to, reaching deep emotional satisfaction and fulfillment. Count your blessings and all the good things that life has to offer by living to the fullest.

What is my highest intention for my personal power?

Princess of Pentacles. Dream. More dream to be achieve. I’m dreaming big. Well, there’s no stopping here I guess.

By re-framing work as play, you allow yourself to approach learning as a new adventure. Move forward with reason and practicality, and set your sights forward to expand. Realize your potential by allowing yourself to grow.

I am feeling the vibe of Capricorn season is being passive aggressive to me; is to rest or to work? I’m looking inwards for cosmic shift spread, of which I will share soon (as my thoughts drown in it).