Mystic Monday

Tarot Makeover Day 3: Ask Powerful Questions

I think this really give me the chills so far. I don’t quite understand how we frame questions in our head sometimes, and I took questions very lightly. I don’t think thoroughly, safe to say I am very simple minded. But thinking *powerful questions* make me raise my eyebrows.

So I brainstormed five powerful questions for myself:

  • How do I pursue my creativity in my limited time?
  • What type of rest that I should acquire?
  • Where do my inspiration come from?
  • How do I balance between paid work and passion?
  • How do I improve my collaborative effort with others?

I chose the question: How do I balance between paid work and passion?

The card that answers: Knight of Pentacles.


I am genuinely excited when the Pentacles court card appeared whenever it is a question related to abundance because first, it felt like the answer is already “You are at balance.” With Knight of Pentacles, I am assured that this will meet in between, where I am going to be paid to work on my passion. I am grateful for the source of abundance that I already have, but I am seeking for the true love in the abundance. Where I will truly love what I do. And Knight of Pentacles arrived to tell me that it is coming for me.

Incremental progress is satisfactory since you know that this is proof that your strategy is working. There is no stopping the Knight of Pentacles—he knows what he wants and will not stop in getting it! Stay true to your noble vision and you will eventually see the results.

What was your experience and what do you discover?
What was amazing is that the card jumped out immediately and I smiled when it opens up. I feel like the person in the card, a masculine figure, is talking to be, to be patient and to deliver his news carefully. This was quite an occurrence, but I’ve never really listen carefully to this specific card. It feels like we couldn’t connect. But this time, it felt amazing.

Moving on to Day 4!