Prisma Visions Work Your Light

Tarot Makeover Day 2: Create The Sacred Space

How do you want to start your tarot readings? What will you do to create sacred space?

With this setting near my window, I usually take a deep breath and frame my theme of questions that I want to ask about. This will allow my reading to flow and I won’t be confused with what I’m supposed to listen to. I light my favourite candle, usually blue or yellow ones, or depends on my mood of the day!


Now, do a Tarot reading and set up your sacred space. What did you do and how did it change your reading?


I chose to work with Work Your Light and Prisma Vision today. I asked for a spread during uncertain times, and it felt so heavy yet affirming at the same time. I’ve never felt very touched by Work Your Light as much I am feeling today, and a lot of it have to do with choosing a path.

It has been a confusing time for most of us, and as I geared myself to lead an independent collective, I have found that one passion that I wanted to work with. But as a community organizer, this year just started and we are hit with global pandemic outbreak. I have been doing my best to stay present and offer help for those who needed it, but my mental health been limiting me from doing a lot of thing. I think I really poured this feeling out recently and I don’t want to hide from the world that I have my limitations. I am limiting myself from taking a break and re-defining what work do I need to prioritize. 

So I’ve seen this reading taking up a lot of work to really tell me that I can still work my passion and see who are the people that really worth working with. Because in my field, there’s a lot of performative activism and branding going on, and people hating each other because of different values. It was a good decision to leave the space that sucks up too much of your energy. 

Can’t wait for Day 3! 


Everyday Tarot Work Your Light

In Challenging Times

Yesterday I spent a good time as a panel, speaking on mental health, stereotypes and labels. Three years ago, I would never find myself able to speak on mental illness and how it takes toll on me, but here I am, sharing my stories. I don’t want people to feel that they are ever alone.

While waiting for the session, I picked up my deck and worked on a challenging times spread.

What lesson did yesterday bring?

The Empress answered that everything is under control. That the power to continue to step up and keep on fighting lies inside you. That you are always guided. A lot of us are scared of things that haven’t happened yet, simply because there are a big possibilities waiting for us and we are not ready to face it. We are in denial of what is going to happen, and that stresses us out. But life is a wild ride. It will always be a big turn, and that’s the scariest part. But how do we know if we didn’t want to face it?

How can I best integrate those lesson?

The Moon asked us to believe that there’s always light in darkness. There is always hope, and there is always chance to change things even after they happens. The power lies within us. The power belongs to us. Every decision that we make, every step that we take, it happens for a reason, and those reasons are why we keep on marching. We continue living because we deserve the life we make.

What lesson will today bring?

Page of Pentacles reinforces to believe in yourself. Believe that you are the agent of change. Believe that you can change the world you live. I know this is hard to do, it even seems comical and aspirational, but real changes happen when you take that leap. When you decide that it is time to believe.

How can I find joy as I move through the lessons?

Knight of Swords is all about taking charge. Be in charge of your own bullshit. Be in charge of your own future. Be in charge, get organized, be in control. You shall feel much better because you know, you are responsible for your own self.


The Priestess is sending message on how do I step up and lead. But why am I stepping up and who am I leading, is no question. It’s myself. I’m doing this for me. I’m not doing this for other people. I’m not a people pleaser.

Welcome to the stone-cold-hearted season, Capricorn.

Everyday Tarot Message from The Universe Work Your Light

2019 Tarot Unwrapped: Burning Bridges and Buildings

I’m finally ready to settle down this year and looking forward to a new decade. This year have seen the most growth and bounces for me, and for this I thank the Universe for always getting my back. This journey has been a sobering one.

I used my eldest deck, a gift from Shahir. This is Everyday Tarot by Biddy and it always resonates with what I feel. We’ve been through a lot of journey together, and it’s only fair to do this year unwrapped together.

I’ve been moving independently this year (Queen of Swords). I landed into *so-called dream* job in a feminist organisation which then despised my work and activism. I guess there is still unsettled feelings for this conflict that I’m having, because I’ve lost a lot in this dispute. I worked my freelance life, and paved it until I found a new full-time job, which then again, broke me into pieces (The Tower).

I believe there is more to this, as I found new ways, friends, and passion. Tarot is one of them. I went into spiritual journey, reconnected with my ancestors and understand that this is just the beginning (Two of Wands). In order to gain something, I’ve a lot of things, ways, friends, and passion too (Five of Cups).

I’ve worked with the Message from Universe deck and Work Your Light Deck for this oracle spread. Both again remind me to find the right path and re-aligning what is needed. I believe there is more to explore next year, and I am ready to go through that portal with high velocity and intensity.

Full Moon Spread Tarot of Cloisters Work Your Light

Full Moon in Gemini: Collectives vs. Individuals vs. Organisations

This Full Moon in Gemini, my coven sister, Shahir and I spend some good time at my place to do our spreads and shares insights. We haven’t met each other for quite sometimes, and it’s all catch up and roast time. Of course, the fire signs in us wouldn’t rest.

We had a good dinner. We did our year wrap spread, and the year ahead spread. As for me, I’m feeling like I might just go with the flow next year. There’s a lot to unpack for the year ahead spread, but I’m going to talk about this particular Full Moon reading first.

For this spread, I used Tarot of Cloisters with Work Your Light Oracle.

The Tarot of the Cloisters is a round deck with a stained glass effect inspired by thirteenth century rose cathedral windows. The medieval figures and settings echo the traditional tarot images on the Rider-Waite deck.

I’m particularly chose this deck for my spread because of the duality of the nature, for Gemini and Sagittarius. Mirror is such a good reflection of how a good actor people with major placements of those mentioned. In the activist space, people hold their tongues and actions so that we won’t hurt each other, but are we letting problematic statements pass by, as we do that?

I am struggling to understand how the spirit of collaboration and mutual aid became more extinct in our society these days. As if our good deeds are made for front pages of newspapers. And for those, activists working in the background are becoming more and more burnout for doing unpaid labor and carrying secondhand trauma with us. The world could be a better place if we all look into the bright side of each other (Six of Vessels).

Two weeks ago, I went to a workshop where my teacher told me how activists are comfortable enough in our bubble, that we forget other people does not speak our language. I see the world is changing, but it’s my side of the world (Nine of Vessels). The beauty of the world your chose, is not a path where you live alone, and for that I’m breaking my comfort zone to understand where can I work more, especially in the next year.

I see the Universe is not kidding with me when my Sagittarius card opens on Sagittarius season. Temperance is all about moderation and balance. Patience is key. As an activist, the world is full of threat and our sense of security is constantly compromised. This year has been extremely overwhelming for me as I faced a lot of consequences for fighting in what I believe in. And never will I regret the path that I chose. It’s here to stay.

What need to be celebrated? Small collectives (Ace of Wands) are constantly struggling to fund themselves and continue doing our work. Most of collectives are donations based and rent their alternative spaces. From the struggle with landlords and donations to live day by day, collectives faced threat to stay relevant, especially when there is giant organization took away funds from us.

Collectivism need to be followed up with emotional maturity (King of Vessels). This year alone I’ve learned about friction in organizations and how to handle them maturely. And I want to believe that this area can be worked more rather than being petty. Disagreements are common in collectives, what we could do is to find consensus and where best to serve everyone’s benefit.

Finally, the idea of consensus is where everyone is happy (Two of Vessels). Most of our upbringing is about majority rules, where the minority’s voices are completely ignored. In consensus practices of collectivism, it’s about understanding what serves the best function for the collectives and without harming each other. Though the approach is more pacifist, but the idea should exist to serve those who needed it.

Overall, Work Your Light Oracle brings us back to the call when collectives are destructed when your interest is not served. I believe that in collectives, fights are something common and this is due to each other’s experience and upbringing. Therefore, re-align yourself through communication and boundaries that serves purpose, not aesthetically pleasing only.

Coming up with the year wrapped spread and the year ahead spread soon. Till then.