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Tarot Makeover Day 1: Who am I as a Tarot Reader?

I am taking part in 5 Day Tarot Challenge with Biddy Tarot, and I’m going to write about my experience and my makeover in this blog. I have been doing tarot for 1 year now and I am trying to acquire more skills and deep understanding of my practices. So here it goes for Day 1.


What do you really well when reading Tarot? Or, if you haven’t read Tarot before, what are your natural gift and abilities?

I think of tarot as a tool for me to illustrates what deeply connects me and the person that I am reading for. It seems like visual learning and teaching has always been my thing. When I got my very first deck and I interviewed it, the first card that literally jumped out was The Hierophant. I couldn’t forget what it feels like to referred as the self-taught teacher. From this, I am affirmed that I find self-learning as my natural gift and abilities, I have been blessed with different skill sets than I have before. It is only natural for me to have hunger and thirst for knowledge.

And this has been a way for me to pave the way of connecting with my querents. Reading for them is at the same time providing them alternatives and choices, without ignoring their voice. And one of the main rule that I set is not to hide the truth from them. This is so important because a lot of readers hold back from spilling the ugly truth, and it depends on what is the dynamic of the relationship that they have with their readers.

Think about the best tarot reading you’ve ever done (or received). What were you doing and who were you being, that made it so good?

I think space play a very important role for me. Mentally and physically. I perform better in my space and after a grounding meditation and inter loop between singing bowl and silence, I enjoyed that the most. It almost felt like my brain is clearing all the memories I have of other readings that I made, and the cards just flow naturally. It also allows me to hold more power in the space and decide what kind of tone that I’m providing. This is also important because the querent were responsive and curious about what each card meant and what it will bring to them. A proactive querent will give me a good setting moods, because energy is infectious, you know. It transfers from one to another.

Who are you as a Tarot reader?

I think of myself as a medium worker, trying to pick out what is at the bottom of my querent’s heart and brain and made them reconsider their choice. Of all means, I am giving them alternatives and choices that they never thought of before, and somehow make them see the other side of the coin.



Justice: A person wearing a crown on their head and a drape on their neck. Their right hand is holding a sword, upright and their left hand is holding down a balance. Justice card is associated with the sign, Libra.

At its core, Justice is about the search for truth. As you explore your truth, you will discover that things are not as clear-cut as you had thought. Be prepared to dip into the murky waters and explore what truth means to you. Be consciously aware of what you believe to be true and what you believe to be fair and ethical. It may not be as clear-cut as you think, so prepare to challenge yourself and to explore new territories of your belief system.

If you are a querent seeking for the truth and nothing but the truth, you can email me at minitarotzinebyerin [at] gmail [dot] com for a reading.

Everyday Tarot

Being Mindful in the time of Isolation

I remember starting this blog with the intention to write more about my tarot practices and how I relate them to my work. I remember referring myself as activist previously, and I have decided to strip the title off myself, recently. I no longer want to be called activists because the reflection of being ‘active’ and wanting to stay on top of my work most of the time. While I learned more and more about my Bipolar Disorder symptoms, a lot of things revealed themselves for me. Most importantly, about taking care and being mindful about my own mental health.

I love isolation. It reflects my birth tarot card, The Hermit. In companion of The Moon, I am pretty sure the label ‘introvert’ fits me perfectly. I spend most of my time being alone with myself, enjoying my own company and somehow it became a forced routine due to the global outbreak of Coronavirus. I can no longer enjoy being alone outdoor, and it gives me lack of room to move around.

I worked with my tarot deck to actually read myself to filth: to understand that I need to be put down and away from my work.


What is at the heart of my stress?
Three of Pentacles: The card reflected a person working with hammer and nail through a door and there is two person watching them from the two sides of the door. Three circles of pentacles on top of their head. 

As I striped off myself from accessing activist spaces and the kind of people I used to be with, I have learned to pick my battle wisely. I have tried to warm people about abusive people in the space, yet, the warnings are not taken seriously. Maybe I have given up on warning people, because it’s exhausting to tell these traumatic stories over and over again, who knows?

How can I better manage this stress?
The Devil: The card reflected to person tied by a thread, held by one hand. In the middle, a goat-like head with a  pentacles with its sharp teeth and long-tongue.

With Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn currently, and the Devil card appeared, I am assured that there is a lot of things are being taken away and blessed to me at the same time.

“Mars in Capricorn needs great mountains to climb in life. You come alive when there’s resistance, and show enormous strength in pursuit of your goals. You are self-controlled and don’t take orders well from others. You step into leadership early in life and carry an air of authority.” This amazing analysis by Molly Hall can be read here.

While Jupiter in Capricorn transits starting last year has been kicking it for me: “Unlike the huge leaps forward we took during Jupiter in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Capricorn is a time of moving at a more measured pace.” Read more here. Being hit with reality, the conservatives of Capricorn is gave me enough ground to stand on, rather than being dreamy and ambitious all the time.

Pluto has been transiting in Capricorn since 2008, and will only leave in January 2024. Whew, what a long stay! “When Pluto makes his way into Capricorn, he will be transforming many of the areas of life Capricorn deals with. One of the most important issues that will be dealt with during Pluto’s journey through the sign of Capricorn, the winter sign, will be the subject of aging. Material resources, money, the way we deal with power, our desire for status, and our response to security issues will also be paramount in our conscious and unconscious thoughts.” Read more.

This was long, critical analysis that I gave myself time to churn in, and finally accept the truth. There’s no point lying to yourself.

Where can I better direct my energy?
The High Priestess: A person holding their crystall ball with half light half dark veil, a moon is on them thigh, and two tower stands next to them. 

The High Priestess is associated with the sign Virgo. Articulateness, calculative, getting organized. I am surprised finding myself entangled in Excel Sheets and planners once more, as I navigate back into my work and that’s – what I’ve been missing for a while. Forgetting to prioritize what I need to prioritize took so much energy for me, and those wasted energy and time will never come back.

What self loving action can I take now?
The Sun, in reverse: A child riding a horse with four flowers on its chest, and the sun was shining brightly, with it rays filling top of the card. 

This none than other, the card of clarity and asking us to be honest with what we need the most right now: a break. The Sun isn’t associated with any sign, it is a positive reminder that our mind, our body, our soul is demanding to stop what we are doing and live in the moment. Reflecting what is happening around us, rather than ignoring the signs is very important. Don’t forget to breathe, and breathe.

What I’ve learned from this spread is to ground myself. I’ve been soaring high enough for sometimes now, and it’s time to land back to reality. It’s time to come back to Earth, and rest.

Everyday Tarot

Creating Creative Creations

Life is weird. It sends us talents and abilities while we struggled with so many things. It could be a blessing, it could be a curse.

What I love about abilities it is build-able. The more that you explore, the more that you are blessed with those abilities. And what could be the best out of this? To be able to inspire more people, to share good messages, to make the world a better place.

This would be my favourite spread of all time, and it is called Creating with The Empress.


I went through the deck to look for the Empress and put it forward upon me and asked, where is the direction of my projects and creativity is heading to. All five cards flew to me and answered my question.

I am well nestled. In Four of Wands, the foundation of abilities that we constant spoke of, is enough. It is celebrated and acknowledged by  many, and I’m sitting on my throne like an Empress. I’m on top of my talent. With Seven of Pentacles, I’m every ready to harvest seeds that I’ve planted. I know I’m impatient sometimes, when it comes to abundance, but it shall arrive.

And it arrives. Knight of Pentacles is here to bring good news, and good news only. It brings abundance and light, but with condition. To be the Hanged Man. To release the worry or fear that holds me back.

Four of Pentacles, thank you for reminding me that those abilities and capabilities are more than just what I have, it is me. It is inherited, and shall be the gift of my ancestors and blood forever. I honor all gifts given, and I will honor them till the last breath.

Everyday Tarot

Show Me The Abundance

Living the life as a freelancer sucks. Let’s face the reality. You will not be paid on time. There are no gigs at certain month. And this month is definitely it. I’m feeling exhausted from the constant anxiety to feed off myself and the collectives, and to be able to support all my friends in their work, too.

But that what currency and money makes us. They wants us to become their slave. To have a constant addiction of money is… fascinating yet it exists. And we all have it.

Being an anarchist who looks at those currency as an exchange to get other resources, I feel tempted to ask my deck, to show me abundance, if in any form, they existed and coming for me.

I think my deck must’ve been crazy but here we are to answer the real abundance: LOVE. Everything is already coming to my way but I am worrying way too much about them. The Lovers’ advice? Take a chill pill. You are loved and supported enough to be protected. I know my friends loved me. I know the Universe loved me. I know.

Ten of Cups follows, as to affirm the love the Universe had for me. It’s abundance, like the planet Jupiter, for me, to be born in Sagittarius. I’m accelerating enough with Knight of Swords, and I’m leaving the world of material with Eight of Cups. Together we shall meet at the end, Death.

I think this is a very soothing thoughts my deck had for me, thank you so much for ever listening and giving me enough affirmations in those bad days. I feel like I will never have enough of money but here we are to be reminded: that true form of currency is LOVE and SOLIDARITY. It is buried deep inside us, don’t ignore it.

Everyday Tarot Full Moon Spread

The Cosmic Shift: Full Moon in Cancer, Lunar Eclipse and Seeking Balance

In December, as the moon enters Capricorn, a Total Solar Eclipse came through and I’ve been feeling extremely sick and tired most of the time. As soon as it leaves, I started getting my period again and it was a painful four days. But all pain come and leave, do they?

I decided to prepare myself (or more like, reflected myself) before Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, as the Full Moon in Cancer arrives.

And here is my spread:

I’ve finally gained the trust from this deck again, after being strucked with juggling a lot of decks at the same time.

The first card, The Hierophant. Reminding me these days I’ve been equipping myself with new skills and abilities, as I’ve grown older and wiser. I’ve been feeling stagnant with my current set of skills, so I’m looking forward for this shift to bring me new challenges and job opportunities where I can learn new things!

The second card, Five of Wands. I’m torn in between a lot of dramatic communities, and how they shaped me. Knowing that I have past experiences of being abused in workplace, I’ve been staying away from being close to people that can hurt me. I’m no longer allowing these energies to hurt me. Five of Wands, I’m looking for collaboration. I know people will always find way to hurt me, but I’m not gonna let them do that to me.

The third card, Two of Pentacles. I know, Full Moon in Cancer and the Capricorn season wanting me to keep those bag of coins and be more wary of my spending. I know, that savings are actually hard, when you actually earn day by day. This is more than just spending issues, this is about seeking and giving balance again to my bank account. But what is the value of money, when I cannot make ways for living?

The fourth card, The Hanged Man. Again I asked, what is hoarding? Why would I be hoarding money, knowing that they are not forever with me? I will fall into financial turmoil again, and this continues on forever. Because the currency of living is based on capitalism, not the will of living. And what is living, when you are dying, everyday? I’m letting go my worries of not earning so much. I shall continue to earn day by day, if that’s the only path available.

The fifth card, Ten of Wands. I see that you mean, I carry so much burden inside me. This cosmic shift is taking me into more challenges and that’s going to hurt me as I hoard emotions inside me, that I might carry from others. I shall learn to take it one step at a time.

I understand your message, Universe. I shall take my rest now.

Everyday Tarot

New Year, New Me

The most cliche goal of the year, I know.

But what I didn’t know is the Universe telling me to rip off the old shell and skin of mine, the bad energy that I hoarded in previous years, the trauma that I don’t tell to people because of those painful experiences.

I’ve been in the state of exhaustion for the longest time ever since last year. It’s about time to start fresh again, but I am wondering where the time arrives for me? The time has always been now.

In 2020, I’m setting the goal to love myself.

The first card that arrived this new year to me is Ace of Cups, reversed.

The Ace of Cups reminds us the value of love, self-worth, and self-care. The chalice, which is overflowed with the water – is the love that we contain inside us. And then I met this quote in a book I was reading, Women who Runs with Wolves:

I’m reminded of how we hoard so much feelings inside us, our small body, knowing that we couldn’t take it. Knowing that there much thing to do. Knowing that the Universe promises to ease our burden, if we let those bad energy go.

And to let go of what holds us back.

I welcome the New Year to New Me.

What about you?

Everyday Tarot Work Your Light

In Challenging Times

Yesterday I spent a good time as a panel, speaking on mental health, stereotypes and labels. Three years ago, I would never find myself able to speak on mental illness and how it takes toll on me, but here I am, sharing my stories. I don’t want people to feel that they are ever alone.

While waiting for the session, I picked up my deck and worked on a challenging times spread.

What lesson did yesterday bring?

The Empress answered that everything is under control. That the power to continue to step up and keep on fighting lies inside you. That you are always guided. A lot of us are scared of things that haven’t happened yet, simply because there are a big possibilities waiting for us and we are not ready to face it. We are in denial of what is going to happen, and that stresses us out. But life is a wild ride. It will always be a big turn, and that’s the scariest part. But how do we know if we didn’t want to face it?

How can I best integrate those lesson?

The Moon asked us to believe that there’s always light in darkness. There is always hope, and there is always chance to change things even after they happens. The power lies within us. The power belongs to us. Every decision that we make, every step that we take, it happens for a reason, and those reasons are why we keep on marching. We continue living because we deserve the life we make.

What lesson will today bring?

Page of Pentacles reinforces to believe in yourself. Believe that you are the agent of change. Believe that you can change the world you live. I know this is hard to do, it even seems comical and aspirational, but real changes happen when you take that leap. When you decide that it is time to believe.

How can I find joy as I move through the lessons?

Knight of Swords is all about taking charge. Be in charge of your own bullshit. Be in charge of your own future. Be in charge, get organized, be in control. You shall feel much better because you know, you are responsible for your own self.


The Priestess is sending message on how do I step up and lead. But why am I stepping up and who am I leading, is no question. It’s myself. I’m doing this for me. I’m not doing this for other people. I’m not a people pleaser.

Welcome to the stone-cold-hearted season, Capricorn.

Everyday Tarot Message from The Universe Work Your Light

2019 Tarot Unwrapped: Burning Bridges and Buildings

I’m finally ready to settle down this year and looking forward to a new decade. This year have seen the most growth and bounces for me, and for this I thank the Universe for always getting my back. This journey has been a sobering one.

I used my eldest deck, a gift from Shahir. This is Everyday Tarot by Biddy and it always resonates with what I feel. We’ve been through a lot of journey together, and it’s only fair to do this year unwrapped together.

I’ve been moving independently this year (Queen of Swords). I landed into *so-called dream* job in a feminist organisation which then despised my work and activism. I guess there is still unsettled feelings for this conflict that I’m having, because I’ve lost a lot in this dispute. I worked my freelance life, and paved it until I found a new full-time job, which then again, broke me into pieces (The Tower).

I believe there is more to this, as I found new ways, friends, and passion. Tarot is one of them. I went into spiritual journey, reconnected with my ancestors and understand that this is just the beginning (Two of Wands). In order to gain something, I’ve a lot of things, ways, friends, and passion too (Five of Cups).

I’ve worked with the Message from Universe deck and Work Your Light Deck for this oracle spread. Both again remind me to find the right path and re-aligning what is needed. I believe there is more to explore next year, and I am ready to go through that portal with high velocity and intensity.