First Time Querent Preparation

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Thank you for your interest in tarot readings. You will find the link to the reading, to prepare you with your tarot reading.


So, who are you?

Querent: For whom a Tarot reading is given. The person who is questioning, and receiving the interpretation of the Tarot cards. If you are giving a reading for yourself, you are both reader and querent.


History of Tarot Card

This article summed up where it is first started in the 13th century, was first seen in Europe. It was first treated as playing cards. Divination practices started picking up tarot cards then. 


Tarot Decks Style and Categories

There are different types of tarot decks, and those can be used to do reading. Tarot readers choose their decks based on the one that calls the most to them. In this website, you will find tarot decks that have been found all over the world.


How Do Tarot Cards Work?

A lot of people turn to divination practices and spiritual connection in life. Among all of these practices is to use tools such as tarot cards to seek for advice and second opinion. Read more here to understand how tarot cards and readings work.


Sacred Space for Tarot Readings

Tarot reading requires mental strength and concentration. That’s why a lot of readers prefer to be in their venue of choice where they can do readings in ease. This article highlights the importance of sacred space.   


Tarot Spreads

Tarot spreads are a method that tarot readers use to lay out their cards in a form of layout where the reading flows. There are different types of spreads that can be used to interpret the question posed by the querent. 


First Time Querent

If this is your first time with tarot readings, don’t worry. To help you with the reading process, this article provided the best tips. Give it a read!