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Divine Functions

I’ve been spending some downtime to reconsider my beliefs and practices in the past, that gets me doing more work then before. I’ve been learning a lot about things that doesn’t make sense, and things that I wish I’ve known sooner.

That includes releasing what limits my beliefs. Often times, we were told that we couldn’t do anything because we are born without extra privileges that others have. We constantly doubt our worthiness, our values and our role in the community. We are restricted to perform our best functions, but the thing is: how do we know what are our functions when we’re not allowed to perform them in the first place?

We anarchists do not want to emancipate the people; we want the people to emancipate themselves.’ – Errico Malatesta

What sounds like liberation at the moment is something so heavy to discuss because we been working on collective healing and work. While we want to liberate an entire community, we should focus on asking ourselves, are we truly liberated individually? Have we achieved our own happiness, fight our own demons, fix what is broken in us, and went to the root of the problem that lies within ourselves?

If we keep on worrying about external world and didn’t want to acknowledge what we are feeling internally, and work on self-healing, we wouldn’t able to ascend to higher and deeper phase of our life. It’s not just about knowing what is wrong with our self, but it shapes the way we see and plan actions and perform functions in this world.

Look deep within to reflect. The door will open for liberation.

Prisma Visions

Connect With Your Deck Challenge #1: Creativity is Revolutionary

I haven’t been writing about tarot for a while after Scorpio full moon, I think. I’ve been focusing a lot on surface interpretation and paid readings, and I am still on the roll for bookings! Head to my booking page if you would like to get one from me 🙂

 I am joining Connect with Your Deck Challenge that I found on Instagram today, and I feel like it’s a good time to make a routine to write about tarot and what I felt deeply about it, and this time, it’s about nurturing creativity. What I love to do before I start a reading is to lit up a red candle for the root chakra, keeps me grounded before I start pulling cards, burn a bark of cinnamon and put on a good lo-fi music in the background. That’s basically prepping me before I deal my cards and ask them questions!

So for this one: Do I believe I am creative, why or why not?

I chose the Prisma Vision deck for this one. This deck works specifically for my Self-Discovery readings. It has deep shadow work experience, and answer to darkest question that I ever posed. And then, Temperance jumped out from the shuffle. 

Temperance is a Sagittarius card. My Sun is in Sagittarius and it is in my second house, related to our personal finances, material possessions, and the concept of value. It is interesting to look the imagery of this Temperance. With two chalices continuously filling each other, I am seeing that my money comes and leave as soon as it is received. It can be reckless spending and in continuous flow, but I would like to believe in abundance is everywhere.

When it comes to creativity and the question posed above, Temperance is a YES card. It tells me that I am creative with my expenditure, and I used my creative gifts and abilities to fund and sustain my living. I am very thankful to be blessed my creative abilities and a lot of my friends have enjoyed my arts offerings. 

What I think perhaps the main struggle sometimes when I feel like I am not creative is trying not to capitalize on my gifts. I have doubted pricing of my tarot services, the arts that I produced might not be as good as I think it should be. I have gone through revisions so many times before I produced something, but Temperance is telling to go with the flow. 

Going with the flow. Not everything is under our control. Not everything that we can make under this roof, even if it is possible. We could always plan for things to happen but if it’s not meant to be, it will not happen for us. It is happening now, with us, in parallel timeline, but believe that it can happen as we go along. Go with the flow. 

That’s for Temperance card! Let me know how you interpret Temperance card 🙂 

Prisma Visions Work Your Light

Tarot Makeover Day 2: Create The Sacred Space

How do you want to start your tarot readings? What will you do to create sacred space?

With this setting near my window, I usually take a deep breath and frame my theme of questions that I want to ask about. This will allow my reading to flow and I won’t be confused with what I’m supposed to listen to. I light my favourite candle, usually blue or yellow ones, or depends on my mood of the day!


Now, do a Tarot reading and set up your sacred space. What did you do and how did it change your reading?


I chose to work with Work Your Light and Prisma Vision today. I asked for a spread during uncertain times, and it felt so heavy yet affirming at the same time. I’ve never felt very touched by Work Your Light as much I am feeling today, and a lot of it have to do with choosing a path.

It has been a confusing time for most of us, and as I geared myself to lead an independent collective, I have found that one passion that I wanted to work with. But as a community organizer, this year just started and we are hit with global pandemic outbreak. I have been doing my best to stay present and offer help for those who needed it, but my mental health been limiting me from doing a lot of thing. I think I really poured this feeling out recently and I don’t want to hide from the world that I have my limitations. I am limiting myself from taking a break and re-defining what work do I need to prioritize. 

So I’ve seen this reading taking up a lot of work to really tell me that I can still work my passion and see who are the people that really worth working with. Because in my field, there’s a lot of performative activism and branding going on, and people hating each other because of different values. It was a good decision to leave the space that sucks up too much of your energy. 

Can’t wait for Day 3! 


Prisma Visions

My Neck, My Back… Oh no, it cracks!

January finally said goodbye after a year (jk), phew, wasn’t it a long month? I realized that I’ve been taking a lot of sweet time and rest in January. Closed of 2019 with chaos and stressful, and entering the year with much needed break.

But February arrived at my door. And then I asked myself. Was I really taking a break, or I was lying to myself? I probably lied to myself thousands of time in my whole lifetimes, that’s a just a Sagittarius thing. But my deck won’t lie.

I asked my Prisma Vision deck about my physical health.

Ace of Wands is my current state of physical health.

I wonder if the Fire element starter really want to tell me that I’m in a cocoon and I’ve been hibernating for sometime. Now is the time to wake up and show up for my opportunities, my abundance pool, and just dive and soak myself in there. Because I am ready.

Four of Wands promises me that if I stick with my routine of being a morning person, everything will be better. Longer daytime work, more structured thought process, cutting off unhealthy habits. Four of Wands is all about that stability and I imagined that we all wanna settle down and have enough rest at the end of the day, regardless of how hard we been hustling during the day.

I have enough Strength to continue working and moving on to the next page of my life, because I promised myself that this life is too short to not try everything. Strength card arrived in this reading so that I will finally forgive myself for slacking of my routine, and not beat myself too hard, when I failed. I am in control of myself.

Wheel of Fortune. Change change change. A recurring theme asking me if I want to change my habits and practices. I understand that change is needed, and change has arrived. I will serve my function as my body serve their function to me.

The Magician. I don’t see myself as the Magician, so I am humbled to be mirrored as such. I know I’ve repaired my shoes for months and didn’t even pick them up for a run. Thank you for roasting me, deck, I will make time for the run!

Nine of Cups is all about choices that I make for myself. At the end of the day, it’s me who decides my well being, whether I want to continue hiding in my own shadow, or if I want to be out there, stronger than what I am yesterday. Because hey, sometimes darkness promises light in its own shade, does it?

New Moon Spread Prisma Visions

New Moon in Aquarius: The Test of Power

A lot of us doesn’t talk about power dynamics much. When it comes to activists *sacred* spaces, it is almost impossible to address this, especially when there are lack of check and balance. This New Moon in Aquarius, I celebrate the richness of power that is given to me, by inheritance, by the Universe, by the collectives.


When this deck arrived to me this morning, it gives me a hint of dark and overwhelming power coming with it. It serves as a reminder of what truly matters: re-delegating powers to people around me. And The Chariot reminded me that I was born powerful, no matter how powerless I was when I grew up.

Born under the Sagittarius sun and Libra moon, my personality has a build up conflict: to be honest or to avoid fights. When Five of Swords arrived at this reading, I knew that I am permitted to speak my truth wherever I feel I should. I know there are more than just truth to be talked about, a lot of kickbacks will also come together to solve this. But I am ready to beat this airy Aquarius.

Empowerment can be challenging. Empowerment doesn’t arrive at your door. Empowerment need to be learned. But empowerment has come for me in the form of collective: Three of Chalices. I know, Universe. All that I need is my collective to empower me.

The Moon reminds me and us that there are more than just what we put at the outside, when it comes to talent. The Moon is me yearning to go for another journey. And I have yet to surrender.

Page of Chalices want me to pour a cup of talent, ability and capability to people around me. Page of Chalices reminds me that I cannot pour from an empty cup. I need to enrich my talent, in order to serve my community. And I shall have that.

The Emperor. Sigh. My personal freedom has a lot to do with patriarchal shackles that kept me from doing a lot of thing. I know when The Emperor arrives, I need to remind myself that this power will continue to be here if I let them.

New Moon in Aquarius, I welcome you and the promise of releasing and reclaiming my power.