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Connect With Your Deck Challenge #1: Creativity is Revolutionary

I haven’t been writing about tarot for a while after Scorpio full moon, I think. I’ve been focusing a lot on surface interpretation and paid readings, and I am still on the roll for bookings! Head to my booking page if you would like to get one from me 🙂

 I am joining Connect with Your Deck Challenge that I found on Instagram today, and I feel like it’s a good time to make a routine to write about tarot and what I felt deeply about it, and this time, it’s about nurturing creativity. What I love to do before I start a reading is to lit up a red candle for the root chakra, keeps me grounded before I start pulling cards, burn a bark of cinnamon and put on a good lo-fi music in the background. That’s basically prepping me before I deal my cards and ask them questions!

So for this one: Do I believe I am creative, why or why not?

I chose the Prisma Vision deck for this one. This deck works specifically for my Self-Discovery readings. It has deep shadow work experience, and answer to darkest question that I ever posed. And then, Temperance jumped out from the shuffle. 

Temperance is a Sagittarius card. My Sun is in Sagittarius and it is in my second house, related to our personal finances, material possessions, and the concept of value. It is interesting to look the imagery of this Temperance. With two chalices continuously filling each other, I am seeing that my money comes and leave as soon as it is received. It can be reckless spending and in continuous flow, but I would like to believe in abundance is everywhere.

When it comes to creativity and the question posed above, Temperance is a YES card. It tells me that I am creative with my expenditure, and I used my creative gifts and abilities to fund and sustain my living. I am very thankful to be blessed my creative abilities and a lot of my friends have enjoyed my arts offerings. 

What I think perhaps the main struggle sometimes when I feel like I am not creative is trying not to capitalize on my gifts. I have doubted pricing of my tarot services, the arts that I produced might not be as good as I think it should be. I have gone through revisions so many times before I produced something, but Temperance is telling to go with the flow. 

Going with the flow. Not everything is under our control. Not everything that we can make under this roof, even if it is possible. We could always plan for things to happen but if it’s not meant to be, it will not happen for us. It is happening now, with us, in parallel timeline, but believe that it can happen as we go along. Go with the flow. 

That’s for Temperance card! Let me know how you interpret Temperance card 🙂