Prisma Visions

Divine Functions

I’ve been spending some downtime to reconsider my beliefs and practices in the past, that gets me doing more work then before. I’ve been learning a lot about things that doesn’t make sense, and things that I wish I’ve known sooner.

That includes releasing what limits my beliefs. Often times, we were told that we couldn’t do anything because we are born without extra privileges that others have. We constantly doubt our worthiness, our values and our role in the community. We are restricted to perform our best functions, but the thing is: how do we know what are our functions when we’re not allowed to perform them in the first place?

We anarchists do not want to emancipate the people; we want the people to emancipate themselves.’ – Errico Malatesta

What sounds like liberation at the moment is something so heavy to discuss because we been working on collective healing and work. While we want to liberate an entire community, we should focus on asking ourselves, are we truly liberated individually? Have we achieved our own happiness, fight our own demons, fix what is broken in us, and went to the root of the problem that lies within ourselves?

If we keep on worrying about external world and didn’t want to acknowledge what we are feeling internally, and work on self-healing, we wouldn’t able to ascend to higher and deeper phase of our life. It’s not just about knowing what is wrong with our self, but it shapes the way we see and plan actions and perform functions in this world.

Look deep within to reflect. The door will open for liberation.