Tarotscope for Libra Season 2020

This tarotscope applies on Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus. As Sun enters Libra later today, there will be a lot of focus on sense of usefulness, friendship, worthiness and making space for care and trust.
Libra Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
There’s a lot of manifesting and balancing going on so far for you, Libra! You’ve been dreaming about a lot of things, but you weren’t provided enough options. Show up more for yourself, and try not to project your fear of failing on others. You have to do more inner work to maintain what is already yours, do not feel insecure about losing it. What belongs to you is already set in stone.
Scorpio Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
You want people to know that you are on top of your game. You have been working hard for this recognition, so it is time for you to celebrate. Avoid gloating and overconfidence, it is nice to be grounded and keep words to yourself. You are catching up with rest and work at the same time. Don’t ignore the need to sleep and stop when it is time to do so.
Sagittarius Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
There is an opportunity to reconcile with a loved one which were close to you previously. You might lose hope in understanding what they are feeling about you. You have learned to toughen up your emotions. Without you noticing it, it starts to take over your life. Time to restore what is lost and build bridges again.
Capricorn Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
You have ignored a lot of signs coming from your body and your soul that it is tired and broken. As much as you try to put a strong front, sometimes you need to open up and start reflecting the way you’re treating others. Do not doubt about people wanting to help you. They will show up for you. People will shower you with care and love more than you expected they will give you. Time to enjoy your blessings.
Aquarius Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
Proceed this period with a lot of caution. There is underlying intention coming towards you, where you are vulnerable to attacks and heartbreak. You need to deal with your inner demon and build new walls, but it is only fair to do this when you have the strength to do so. Regardless, your path is guided and protected. Take care of your emotions and how you responds to things.
Pisces Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
Your health is what you should prioritize now. It is an important step of caring for yourself. If you have been feeling ill, that is a call to get some rest and really know what’s happening in your body. Only with that, you could find more strength to work and hustle for your own good. One the other hand, deconstruct the idea of productivity for you to make space for rest.
Aries Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
You are impatient about the results of your work. Perhaps you feel like you’re chasing things around so that you could make time for things that you need and you want. But what you are running in circles and being counter-productive because of the fear of not accomplishing enough. Give yourself a break.
Taurus Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
If you’re dealing with trust issues at the moment, reconsider your relationships with people that makes you feel icky or in doubt. Most of the time, it’s their words and actions that signals red flag. You’re learning boundaries in good direction, and you’re slowly building walls against things that are hurting you. Your emotions are at the right places.
Gemini Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
You are making important decisions in your life. Whether to take that leap of faith or waiting for the divine timing, you are worrying about future a lot, rather than living in the moment. You focus so much in predicting and planning what future that you want, but only time and Universe can tell that journeys has detours to teach you some mini lessons.
Cancer Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
Be careful on some foul play on your back. You are open and vulnerable to betrayal because you have been busy focusing on yourself. This is a trying time because you wanted to stay in balance with your surroundings, but you will be constantly challenged. Make sure to watch out for your words or who you are dealing with.
Leo Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus
Go big or go home. That’s all that you have been thinking about for sometime now. You are putting risks into relationships that you once cared about, but this time, you have to do the right thing. Either way, you are thinking a lot and doing lesser work to execute your dreams. Time to shoot your plans and reboot when it doesn’t happen your way.
Virgo Rising, Moon, Sun and Venus

You are dealing with major health concern at the moment. You know that without rest and care about your physical health, you won’t be able to function as much as you aspire to do. Make sure you don’t miss any appointment or health check up. You can only seek for what you intend to seek when you treat your body and your soul fairly. You been neglecting all these signs because you put yourself as the last priorities. Don’t do that.


May Offerings

I figured that it’s almost 2 months where we put ourselves behind the fence, stay away from each other, try not to touch our face or share our spaces.

I figured that this could be a lonely time for many of us, especially when it’s your birthday. So here’s my offering for people who are born in May:

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