The Fountain Tarot

Tarot Makeover Day 4: Tell the Story in the Cards

When Biddy said sometime we all become lost in our interpretation because we are so used to do readings, I know this hits close to home. Tarot reading was healing, but also generates income for me. I am happy to be paid, to heal and explore the visualization of manifestation in the form of illustration.

For the challenge of Day 4, I chose to work with The Fountain Tarot. This deck never really sat there for me as a story line, and I challenged myself to look into this deck with different perspectives today. So here it be.

I asked the question: Where do my inspiration (for creativity) comes from?

My three cards are: King of Wands, Ten of Wands, and Queen of Swords.

When I saw these card, immediately what I think is my astrological sign, and here it goes:

Often associated with the astrological sign of Sagittarius, the King of Wands signifies wise, open, positive, adventurous masculine energy. As with all court cards, the King can indicate a literal person in your life; most often a man with hair on the lighter end of the spectrum. When the King appears, you are likely to have an abundance of energy which you are inclined to use in a positive direction.

As a Sagittarius sun person, I always feel like my flow of creativity is tremendously a lot. I can have new ideas everyday, and work on many projects at the same time. I think inspiration comes in many way for me, and definitely this masculine energy comes from my ancestor power. Though I think my closest ancestor is a Capricorn, something told me that he was in the middle of it, and this energy kind of latch to me when he passed away. This brought me to tears, to be cared of in such a way.

When Ten of Wands jumped out, it was really hard for it to come out of the deck. It seems troublesome, challenging, and heavy. I think my deck are quite light when I first started shuffling, and it just got a little bit heavier. Ten of Wands want me to understand that these continuous energy and creativity flow takes toll on me. I admit that I have been neglecting my mental health for sometime now, and I treat my manic situation as the time for me to work harder. This wasn’t what I dream of being creatives, and it is telling me so.

Then lastly Queen of Swords appeared. At times, the Swords cards, representing Air element, it justifies my Libra moon and to be ruled by Venus. A lot of my work revolves around things that I love, and no matter how much I love-hate them, I need to draw boundaries on it now. Most of these are related to relationships in my own community, where I made definite decisions to cut cords with what doesn’t serve me good anymore.

So here it is for Day 4: I am feeling that I’m closer to my deck than I was before. I can’t really find ways to talk to them like they are listening and doing their best to advice me everyday. This felt heavy and reflective of my daily life, and I’m taking it easier on myself these days. These readings will flow by itself, by their own means. I believe so.