Everyday Tarot Full Moon Spread

The Cosmic Shift: Full Moon in Cancer, Lunar Eclipse and Seeking Balance

In December, as the moon enters Capricorn, a Total Solar Eclipse came through and I’ve been feeling extremely sick and tired most of the time. As soon as it leaves, I started getting my period again and it was a painful four days. But all pain come and leave, do they?

I decided to prepare myself (or more like, reflected myself) before Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, as the Full Moon in Cancer arrives.

And here is my spread:

I’ve finally gained the trust from this deck again, after being strucked with juggling a lot of decks at the same time.

The first card, The Hierophant. Reminding me these days I’ve been equipping myself with new skills and abilities, as I’ve grown older and wiser. I’ve been feeling stagnant with my current set of skills, so I’m looking forward for this shift to bring me new challenges and job opportunities where I can learn new things!

The second card, Five of Wands. I’m torn in between a lot of dramatic communities, and how they shaped me. Knowing that I have past experiences of being abused in workplace, I’ve been staying away from being close to people that can hurt me. I’m no longer allowing these energies to hurt me. Five of Wands, I’m looking for collaboration. I know people will always find way to hurt me, but I’m not gonna let them do that to me.

The third card, Two of Pentacles. I know, Full Moon in Cancer and the Capricorn season wanting me to keep those bag of coins and be more wary of my spending. I know, that savings are actually hard, when you actually earn day by day. This is more than just spending issues, this is about seeking and giving balance again to my bank account. But what is the value of money, when I cannot make ways for living?

The fourth card, The Hanged Man. Again I asked, what is hoarding? Why would I be hoarding money, knowing that they are not forever with me? I will fall into financial turmoil again, and this continues on forever. Because the currency of living is based on capitalism, not the will of living. And what is living, when you are dying, everyday? I’m letting go my worries of not earning so much. I shall continue to earn day by day, if that’s the only path available.

The fifth card, Ten of Wands. I see that you mean, I carry so much burden inside me. This cosmic shift is taking me into more challenges and that’s going to hurt me as I hoard emotions inside me, that I might carry from others. I shall learn to take it one step at a time.

I understand your message, Universe. I shall take my rest now.