Everyday Tarot

Creating Creative Creations

Life is weird. It sends us talents and abilities while we struggled with so many things. It could be a blessing, it could be a curse.

What I love about abilities it is build-able. The more that you explore, the more that you are blessed with those abilities. And what could be the best out of this? To be able to inspire more people, to share good messages, to make the world a better place.

This would be my favourite spread of all time, and it is called Creating with The Empress.


I went through the deck to look for the Empress and put it forward upon me and asked, where is the direction of my projects and creativity is heading to. All five cards flew to me and answered my question.

I am well nestled. In Four of Wands, the foundation of abilities that we constant spoke of, is enough. It is celebrated and acknowledged by¬† many, and I’m sitting on my throne like an Empress. I’m on top of my talent. With Seven of Pentacles, I’m every ready to harvest seeds that I’ve planted. I know I’m impatient sometimes, when it comes to abundance, but it shall arrive.

And it arrives. Knight of Pentacles is here to bring good news, and good news only. It brings abundance and light, but with condition. To be the Hanged Man. To release the worry or fear that holds me back.

Four of Pentacles, thank you for reminding me that those abilities and capabilities are more than just what I have, it is me. It is inherited, and shall be the gift of my ancestors and blood forever. I honor all gifts given, and I will honor them till the last breath.