Prisma Visions

My Neck, My Back… Oh no, it cracks!

January finally said goodbye after a year (jk), phew, wasn’t it a long month? I realized that I’ve been taking a lot of sweet time and rest in January. Closed of 2019 with chaos and stressful, and entering the year with much needed break.

But February arrived at my door. And then I asked myself. Was I really taking a break, or I was lying to myself? I probably lied to myself thousands of time in my whole lifetimes, that’s a just a Sagittarius thing. But my deck won’t lie.

I asked my Prisma Vision deck about my physical health.

Ace of Wands is my current state of physical health.

I wonder if the Fire element starter really want to tell me that I’m in a cocoon and I’ve been hibernating for sometime. Now is the time to wake up and show up for my opportunities, my abundance pool, and just dive and soak myself in there. Because I am ready.

Four of Wands promises me that if I stick with my routine of being a morning person, everything will be better. Longer daytime work, more structured thought process, cutting off unhealthy habits. Four of Wands is all about that stability and I imagined that we all wanna settle down and have enough rest at the end of the day, regardless of how hard we been hustling during the day.

I have enough Strength to continue working and moving on to the next page of my life, because I promised myself that this life is too short to not try everything. Strength card arrived in this reading so that I will finally forgive myself for slacking of my routine, and not beat myself too hard, when I failed. I am in control of myself.

Wheel of Fortune. Change change change. A recurring theme asking me if I want to change my habits and practices. I understand that change is needed, and change has arrived. I will serve my function as my body serve their function to me.

The Magician. I don’t see myself as the Magician, so I am humbled to be mirrored as such. I know I’ve repaired my shoes for months and didn’t even pick them up for a run. Thank you for roasting me, deck, I will make time for the run!

Nine of Cups is all about choices that I make for myself. At the end of the day, it’s me who decides my well being, whether I want to continue hiding in my own shadow, or if I want to be out there, stronger than what I am yesterday. Because hey, sometimes darkness promises light in its own shade, does it?