New Moon Spread Prisma Visions

New Moon in Aquarius: The Test of Power

A lot of us doesn’t talk about power dynamics much. When it comes to activists *sacred* spaces, it is almost impossible to address this, especially when there are lack of check and balance. This New Moon in Aquarius, I celebrate the richness of power that is given to me, by inheritance, by the Universe, by the collectives.


When this deck arrived to me this morning, it gives me a hint of dark and overwhelming power coming with it. It serves as a reminder of what truly matters: re-delegating powers to people around me. And The Chariot reminded me that I was born powerful, no matter how powerless I was when I grew up.

Born under the Sagittarius sun and Libra moon, my personality has a build up conflict: to be honest or to avoid fights. When Five of Swords arrived at this reading, I knew that I am permitted to speak my truth wherever I feel I should. I know there are more than just truth to be talked about, a lot of kickbacks will also come together to solve this. But I am ready to beat this airy Aquarius.

Empowerment can be challenging. Empowerment doesn’t arrive at your door. Empowerment need to be learned. But empowerment has come for me in the form of collective: Three of Chalices. I know, Universe. All that I need is my collective to empower me.

The Moon reminds me and us that there are more than just what we put at the outside, when it comes to talent. The Moon is me yearning to go for another journey. And I have yet to surrender.

Page of Chalices want me to pour a cup of talent, ability and capability to people around me. Page of Chalices reminds me that I cannot pour from an empty cup. I need to enrich my talent, in order to serve my community. And I shall have that.

The Emperor. Sigh. My personal freedom has a lot to do with patriarchal shackles that kept me from doing a lot of thing. I know when The Emperor arrives, I need to remind myself that this power will continue to be here if I let them.

New Moon in Aquarius, I welcome you and the promise of releasing and reclaiming my power.