Tarot of Cloisters

Healing from People of Past Lives

It’s Aquarius season, sure. But what I am looking in the retrospective now is my past and people who are in my life, sending weird messages to be about karmic revelation. And it goes like this:

I get it. When you are the black sheep of the family, it’s hard to understand the concept of fairness, justice, and being treated as an equal. And honestly, I would rather just walk away and leave a family that didn’t appreciate my existence. Hence Justice and Six of Swords talks to me the most, when it comes to ancestral trauma.

The Emperor and The Magician sits next to each other, as I find it hard to talk and solve the problems of my family. From a broken piece of shit, no one actually want to listen to you. And that is fine. We should start to move on and be creative of our solutions.

Three of Pentacles wants me to stay intact with my family, through bonds that can be helped. Staying in contact with my mother and brother is the most thing that I am doing right now, and that is fine with me. They are the one that mattered the most to me.

And Eight of Vessels is about leaving. Though those relationships has been a crucial part of my life, it’s time to move on and cut ties. There is no point to live and stay in relationships where you are not appreciated. Be where you are loved.

And with path to heal myself, I welcome, Aquarius season.