Mystic Monday

Finding Freedom: For Yourself, By Yourself

This week I struggled a lot with the idea of freedom. Financial freedom, sexual freedom, mind freedom. And most of all, I think that there is no way out of this struggle. I guess there is no *easy* way out.

So, finally I picked up my Mystic Monday deck for this question. I eased in with Mystic Monday for blunt honesty, and that’s how we vibe. This spread was guided by @groundedbythemoon on Instagram.

So at first I picked up The Devil. The card for attachment issues (I mean, I have it in the form of commitment, ugh). I feel like the Devil rarely appeared for me lately, and I am thankful that I have managed a lot in staying away from things that hurt me. Gotta control the way I respond to things that are sent to destroy me.

I am looking into finding cooperation with people (Five of Wands). Through working together, then we will get to our means. There is no definite relationship and reason to get together with people regardless of their beliefs, but surely, we will find our way.

As we work in the area where we need to deal with people, we forgot to take a break (Four of Swords). The challenge, especially living in the age of smartphones and notifications, is where I hardly find the reason to be free from human and digital interaction. Getting detached is hard, and I am focusing to put away my phone and my computer when I don’t need them.

What does a Sagittarius love the most? Balance with a set of purpose (Temperance). I know exactly freedom and balance come hand in hand. All you got to do is to be patient, and find the right tune to things. And freedom will arrive at your door.

But what is in the way? Being judged, being attached, being co-dependent. A lot of us struggled to be free because of fear of being alone and not having anyone to be on the other side of the door. But what do we *really need* is ourselves (Queen of Swords).

No one is going to save you, you need to do it for yourself.

Anyone who would like to do the spread can check out the question below!