Mystic Monday

Mystic Monday: Anarchy of Self-Care

On a sunny Monday afternoon, this deck arrived at my door. So it was called Mystic Monday.

A routine for a tarot reader, to form bonds and emotional connection for their respective tarot deck. So we did heart-to-heart session and understand what can we work together from now on.

The thing about structure (Four of Wands) is I do not want to restrict myself in one definition. I am erin-of-all-trades. And when a foundation is stable and nothing to be cared for, I’m second guessing myself, are we able to move beyond particular definition?

As an anarchist in a state where anarchism is not addressed correctly (not that it has ever addressed correctly anywhere), I see individualism (The Hermit) as the way I manifest the ability to work with others. And as my name, Malikhain (The Empress) gracefully embraces me and reassures me that  everything is fine.

But when will everything be fine, as the world crumbles and we continue to fight each other?

Illusion (Seven of Swords) and Indulgence (Seven of Cups) are among unhealthy needs that I have, as a person living in the bark of capitalism. As the world demands us to indulge in activism and action that requires constant pressure on our sanity, and to be happy once in a blue moon, it’s possible for us not to be cautious about what may happen in the future. Do not get caught off guard.

Maintaining self-care in the capitalist world as an anarchist can be tough, and I invite people to share what best practices can be done to be spend little to zero currency on being happy.